2010 Three Vines Zinfandel (Sonoma Coast)

Wow! A rich, jammy, spicy wine that’s about as perfect as a zin can be. Classic raspberry, cherry, plum, pepper spice and some floral elements, with just the right amount of oak, all come together in a beautifully-balanced, wonderfully-crafted wine that leads to a long, spicy, lingering finish. This is what zin is supposed to be!

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2010 Chardonnay “Elegance” (Russian River)

Breathtaking aromas of apple, pear with a hint of mango. Hints of butterscotch & vanilla, excellent mouth feel accented by crisp acidity. Flavors of toasted hazelnut and sweet oak with a well woven, and lingering finish.

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2008 Zinfandel Carreras Old Vine (Dry Creek Valley)

This wine exhibits Cabernet like structure, big stature, deep color, and deep concentrated fruit. Elegant iron fist in a smooth velvet glove. Enjoy this Classic Jammy Dry Creek Zinfandel on its own or pair with beef, lamb or pork.

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Jeff Johnston, Novato, CA

“I’m no rookie at tasting wine and your Zinfandels are the best I have ever had...Period! I have never said this to any winemaker.”

Bryan Costa, Windsor, CA

“By far one of the best Zins I’ve ever had; its got a big bad personality in my glass.”

Nanette Tempest, Petaluma, CA

“ZINTASTIC! I have worked in the wine industry for years and when I first tried their 2010 Three Vines Zin, I fell in love instantly.”

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Manzanita Creek's

Maniac Makers

As you might expect, brothers Jack and William Salerno have a long personal and professional history together. However, they’ve been turning grapes into amazingly exciting wine for a relatively short time.

Working in the construction and painting trades for years would seem an odd, if not discordant background for a career in the wine business. Yet the skills they acquired in past incarnations, precision, perseverance and risk taking tempered these brothers well for their latest and perhaps most significant success.

How else do you explain their accomplishments? In just their second year of commercial production, the brothers Salerno created a wine that made the San Francisco Chronicle’s top 100 list. Many winemakers with much more formal training and years in the cellar have not achieved that prominence so quickly, if at all.



Wines from the heart of Kenwood… that’s what our award winning wines are known for around Wine Country and beyond. Bold flavor. Self taught. Unorthodox. You could say we’re Wine Country mavericks who have our own vision and irreverent style.

If you’re new to the straight talking gusto of Manzanita Creek Winery, welcome! We invite you to try our award winning wines ranging from Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Syrah, and more in our Healdsburg tasting room, smack dab in California’s famous Wine Country.

What makes our wines in Kenwood unique? It began with the brothers who started it all, Jack & William Salerno, crafting award winning wines to the beat of their own drummer.

“Just want to tell it like I see it. We make our living making and selling wine. Some people see us as a cult winery, but that is not our intention. I think wine is part of the backdrop, kind of a texture of life….not a freakin culture. It’s something to drink, not to worship. Still, we are humbled that so many people love our wines, and for that we are grateful.” — Jack Salerno

In 1990, Jack & William Salerno first laid eyes on Dry Creek Valley in Healdsburg, California and never got Wine Country out of their minds. Some said they were out of their minds to open a winery in 2001 with the economy being what it was. But the success of Manzanita Creek Winery proved that the Salerno brothers knew what they were doing.

Manzanita Creek wines are never angular or boring. They are nuanced with intense flavors that have captured the hearts of wine drinkers and wine judges. The award winning wines of Manzanita Creek are consistently well judged and well reviewed with lots of high scores and gold medals to prove it.

“I’m no rookie at tasting wine and your Zinfandels are the best
I have ever had…Period! I have never said this to any winemaker.”
Jeff Johnston, Novato CA

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